Carrie O’Neill, PE President

Carrie O’Neill has 26 years’ experience in transportation engineering design, various types of planning studies, and construction. She has worked on some of Utah’s largest design build projects, the first UTA tracks line, Olympic projects, and some exciting innovative intersections. Carrie has assisted with the design and operation of various signal, roadway and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) projects. She has provided traffic control plans for large and small construction projects as well as MOT plans. In Carrie’s early career she prepared Traffic Impact Studies, Environmental Impact Reports, Design Study Reports, and Radar Studies, to vastly broaden her understanding of traffic volumes. She has an incredible knowledge of volume assignment and overall intersection problems based on volumes and geometry. Because of this knowledge, she has prepared and conducted classes on basic intersection design and traffic analysis for departments of transportation, local agencies, and private firms.

Carrie is known to many as the “Signal Gal”. She has analyzed and designed hundreds of intersections, ranging from basic, to the latest in innovation, to extensive full reconstruction with major geometry changes. She loves a challenge when it comes to intersections! Carrie’s daily responsibilities include project management, traffic and roadway engineering, and planning for transportation projects. Anyone that knows Carrie knows her attention to detail, that she is schedule driven, but also knows she lives life to the fullest. One of her dreams was to open her own business! She is very excited to have made that dream a reality and provide clients with an outstanding team to uphold the company’s motto of “Excellence in Engineering”.

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